Due to the economic climate we have seen a large rise in extension and refurbishment work as home owners are finding it more cost effective to develop their current property as opposed to moving home.

In our Projects Gallery you are able to see just some of the projects that we have undertaken and completed. As with all our projects we encourage potential clients to view work which we have already completed and to speak with current clients about their personal experiences and thoughts on their particular project.

We find extension work to be the most rewarding as properties are literally transformed into completely different homes that operate in a whole new way creating the feeling of living in a new home without having to move and therefore incur expense which could otherwise have been used to develop there existing property!

We are local builders who pride ourselves in providing our clients with the highest standard of workmanship using the best materials and professionals available. We never forget that “you” the client, need to be satisfied. Where appropriate, we are able to enhance original ideas with our own working experiences, if asked or when required.

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Highest standard of workmanship using the best materials

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